A performative installation
Schaustelle Pinakothek der Moderne Munich

anna mccarthyanna mccarthyanna mccarthyanna mccarthy

04 07 - 07 07 2013 Performance & Archive

08 07 - 10 07 2013 Exhibition Archive & Sellout of Exhibits

10 07 2013 Auction of Leftovers

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anna mccarthy

It's over but we have a newspaper for takers HERE


anna mccarthy


anna mccarthyanna mccarthy

the archivethe shebang ?

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Over a period of four days Gabi Blum and Anna McCarthy transformed the Schaustelle of the Pinakothek der Moderne into a tumultous, superseding and constantly en loop build-up to the end of the world, acted out by a conglomerate of artists, supernumeraries, lost folk and been-there and done-thats. 

"We're goin' down, everyday – even on Sundays !" (quote DAMENKAPELLE)  The four day show-piece metamorphosed into a fully accessible tableaux–vivant in keeping with the ever-present principle: To give structure chaos. Simultaneously, the occurences are documented from varying perspectives and transmitted live into the 'archive' situated in the 'belly of the whale', aka downstairs/ beneath. Past, present and future overlap and shifts are commonplace. 

At the end of this whole shebang only the archive was left to tell the tale and thus a cheapo fleamarket and an auction, that took place on the days following, was sure to rid the world of any graspable leftovers and scattered those remnants into that stormy wind. 


What time is it ?


...and the Universe, ... will explode later for your pleasure.” – 

Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. 

anna mccarthyanna mccarthyanna mccarthy

anna mccarthy

Dearest Ladies and Germs,,

They say it's the end, but we know that that's a load of Dickie-on-the-Codwobble: Rubbish! Poppycock! Codswallop! Arseketchup, I say! Sir! West Bramblefuck, Mr. Speaker, Hitchhikers, Hoodlums, Madame!

Why would anyone bother to organise an event for the end of the world ? For money, for prestige or just a pure giddy good time ? All the things you can use to sell this shindig IMAGINE kids: Rainbows, fire, flesh, orgies, suicide, enlightenment and weak and willing limbs ?! What more could you ssk for babies ? Marry me ! But the mormons won't let me. Whatever! I don't give a damn. There's many a slip twixt cup and lip, betwixt and in-between.

Let's have an end party and everyday we linger; the neon lights go on, the 'Rausschmeisser' is played and everybody goes back home, waiting for the next end is nigh to come. Cheap jack is calling you all. A party built on build up - that makes sense, don't it ? Then maybe we will acquire a seat in limboland where every direction becomes flux, flux keep it moving and grooving. Beachballs gonna getcha. Let's go all ways or just stand still; it's nothing but the same thing, I tell you. This way or that, dog or cat. Impossible, you say No but Yes Yes No No No whatever tickles your fancy kitty cats. Just shut your face and open your eyes!

And guess what ? We are gonna take pictures and film every second of yours and our own downfall and it's going to be visible instantaneously! You are going down down to the ground in history NOW…with us! Everybody is going to be there, even your ugly mother. No hangovers, we promise!

Death is nigh! Phew, what a relief. Oh Marianne, catch me when I fall.The party is changing its stance on the draft. Discipline this Foul-Smelling Reactionary Swine I say!

This is Blasphemy! This is Madness!

Hell's Bell's and Buckets of Blood! I say bring back the King's own fusiliers and show those bickering proles the smack of firm government!

You really think the world's gonna end?

Shouldn't we lie down, put paper bags over our heads and eat cat food or something?

Would it help?

No, not at all.

"Time is an illusion, dinnertime doubly so", Ford said, in one way or another.

Good night !



The party girlz

aka AnNa McKAy & GAbs FlowerPOW




Film camera: Stefane Gruber, Stefan Dorner
Documentary camera: Anna Witt
Photography: Sabine Kuhn
Videomix: Anton Kaun, Aiko Okamoto
Sound-design: Joe Masi

Secretary: Gabi Blum
Angel of History: Anna McCarthy
Bar: Anthony McCarthy
Chaos Pendulum: Thomas Silberhorn
Waiters and Dancers: Maria Inès Plaza, Sebastian Kempff, Tina Schott, Amanda Tuset
Head waiter: Peter Friedrich
Miss Untergang: Tina Schott
Simultane Speech: Hank Schmidt in der Beek & Niklas Schechinger
Na-En-De-Na Singer and Tapdancer: Manu Rzytki
Alte romantische Liebe w/m: Maximiliane Baumgartner & Mirja Reuter
Author and Sailor: Pico Be
Prehistoric Animal: Jonathan Penca
Ghost choir: Katrin Bertram, Katrin Petroschkat, Ben Planitzer, Olga, Daniel Goehr, olga Goloshchapova und Simon reimold
Nailer: Maximilian Bildhauer
Botox Mummy: Nana Dix, Tobias Laemmert
Singing trainer: Rosalie Eberle
Verschönerung: Leonid Hrytsak
JEANSGRUPPE: Muriel Aichberger, Edward Beierle, Holger Dreissig, Matthias Hirth, Eyreen Prochnow, Ben Stangl und Julia Steves.
Body painters: Aylin Neuhofer, Kilian Lachmayr
Hug performance: Linnéa Schwarz
Entropy Sandpit: Katrin Savvulidi, Diego da Cruz
Clonehead: Philip Aubert
Banner painter: Maximilian Schmölz
Scoreboard / Protocol typer: Susi Gelb

Head archivist: Tagar
Archivists: Ida Bö, Simone Kessler, Sarah Lehnerer, Tom Wu
Court painters: Hank Schmidt in der Beek & Niklas Schechinger
Court draughtsman: Julia Pfaller
Museum guide: Reinhold Böh
Tiedye Sofa: Claus Hugo Nielsen
Survival plants: Hamman & Von Mier
Newspaper NA-EN-DE-NA-TIMES seller (Jean Seberg): Maria Guggenbichler


anna mccarthy