IT'S A STAKE STRIKE –  performance – Olympic lake MUNICH 2021

As the grand finale of Julian Warner's GLOBAL ANGST, Anna McCarthy stages a radical abstract opera to tame the world's fears. Having been asked to ignite Warner's "global Angst wicker man" with a closing ceremony, McCarthy chooses to manifest new wax shapes from the fire, symbolically countering the stigmatization of women as witches and the fire's initially destructive nature and often ritualistic affiliations to bigotry (be it witch hunts, book burning or the Ku Klux Klan), Anna McCarthy reclaims it as an element for replenishment and rebirth. In a theatrical and musical rendition, she takes on the persona of Lucy Strike to call out the wicker man to honour current and past victims of bigotry.

swimming at the stake to be rid of the hate

Idea | Text Anna McCarthy Musical direction Manuela Rzytki With Susanne Beck, Antenne Danger, Charlotte Huber, Luzi Illustrella, Veronica Katta, Lily Nicklaß, Paulina Nolte, Anton Kaun a.k.a. Rumpeln, Paula Pongratz, Andreas Pöschl & Kösk-Chor Wickerman Julian Warner & Jörg Besser


My name is Lucy Strike. I have been sentenced to the stake.
What was my crime? I carry the pain of many women in me.
Their pain, their tears, their fears;
in my face, my eyes, nose, ears, shoulders, hips, toes and tongue.

Strawberries grow around the stump
and the rain still comes slow.
Moss, wet dripping walls shrouded in cobwebs protect us from the mounting of men.
No matter how the sun shines upon our granite sparkling rock, our crystals glint in the sun.
But our cracks and gulleys remain, potently filled to the brim with mountain water.
The fishes swim in our cracks and the raspberries grow,
thorns abundantly winding their way up our walls.

i love the way you blow out a candle
full throttle, the wax flies up against the wall
and drips slowly down behind the door
till it gets cold just before it hits the floor

OUT OUT OUT# abortifacients go to thee
no throwing down stairs nor giving us whiskey
Anti-septic strikes again

OUT wild colocynth
opium root of mandrake,
Queen Anne's Lace,
gum resin opoponax and various types of peppers.

OUT Crocodile Feces And Dough

Pennyroyal Tea

Mentha Pulegium

step over the crow egg

Step Over A Viper

OUT Lacedaemonian Leap  
OUT Lacedaemonian Leap  
OUT Lacedaemonian Leap  

We have the winterroom honeymoon suite all to our own:
Water faucet, oven and light ... everything...
even an extra bed and a direct view of the Fiamma.
Fiamma Fiamma! Il mondo è tuo!

The Patriarch tree was burnt to the ground in the fires that devoured the country.
1,200 years ago.
His old stump trunk pounds now strapped in wet bandages.
The doctors come to revive him,
soothing his pain, whispering softly:
Mon dieu, you really have been a very bad boy.

swimming at the stake to be rid of the hate




photos by stefane barnes & daniel tuercke