(eng. I thought everything was allowed)

is a theatre project inititated by the artists Anna McCarthy and Hedwig Eberle, involving 40 befriended artists and musicians that took place in the Maximiliansforum in Munich, Germany 2011.
The artists Manuela Gernedel, Sebastian Kellig, Jürgen Schlattl and Hank Schmidt In Der Beek each wrote a play. The stories dealt with an array of things such as love, big city freedom, coffee and cake addicted kids, language barriers and lazy artists.

A surreal slapstick crime novel. "CRAP" by Jürgen Schlattl
A freedom soliloquy by many. "Today was a good day and I didn't owe anyone anything" by Manuela Gernedel
A tired musical. "Der Lunsenring" by Hank Schmidt in der Beek
A daily soap with difficulties. "I thought everything was allowed" by Sebastian Kellig

The audience sat on swivel chairs. Surrounding him and her, 4 plays on 4 stages were played off, one after the other.

He and she are free and can do what they will.