MOON NOT WAR (founded in February 2018) are Anna McCarthy, Antenne Danger, Ruben Granados-Hughes and Shino Plum. In M.N.W McCarthy writes and sings texts about borderline sexual experiences accompanied by a humming and creaky bass, while Danger‘s hypnotic choral singing with an epic keyboard sound reminds of Morricone and Beak, Granados hits the drums as if it was a piece of meat and Plum underscores it all with minimal guitar, giving goose bumps.


"To give structure chaos" is the motto of this Munich based all-girl band. Staying true to this concept Spandex aka Anna McCarthy, Eat It, Sandra, Peitschenfrau, St. Anger, Frl. Milano, Antenne Danger and their secretary Fräulein Jablonski have already performed in the Munich Kammerspiele theatre, Pinakothek der Moderne, Hamburg Pudel Club, Glasgow Glue Factory and Berlin's Clärchen's Ballhaus, as well as in an old people's home.
Reckless dilettantism, daring outfits, a slight obsession with warpaint and an eclectic array of dirty rock 'n' roll jubilees capture the audience's imagination and usually lead to moshing and doing the twist at the very same time.

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Composition, Vocals, Keys: TAGAR

Bass: Spandex aka A.McCarthy


THE GREAT TYRANNIA – psychedelic metal

Tyrannia: Peitschenfrau
Thunder Bass: Spandex aka A.McCarthy
Earthshake Drums: Tagar
Outburst Drums: Sandra Juds
Psychedelic Rain Keyboard + Sounds: Joe Masi
Storm Guitar: Albert Pöschl
Zeremony + Visuals: Gabi Blum